Rabia Chohan is a garment factory worker for the past 8 years at Orangi Town site area, Karachi. She is one of the founding members of Women Workers Alliance and member National Steering Committee at the Federal level. She also frequently works as a COVID vaccinator and surveyor with different health institutes. As a member of WWA, the issue of maternity leaves/benefits and separate washrooms for women are close to her heart. She increased awareness of these issues among other women workers in her factory. After 6 months of joining the alliance, she raised her voice against the non-availability of separate washrooms at her factory which resulted in her losing the job. Upon her whistle blowing, other women stood for her and raised the demand for separate washroom collectively. They threatened to stop working and starting working for less hours and leaving the work early. Ultimately, in a duration of three months. the administration had to succumb to the demand. Separate washrooms were allocated for women workers and Rabia was re-instated to her job. She now enjoys great respect among the factory workers and continues to raise her voice for women workers. She says that Women Workers Alliance has given a platform to other workers, to which she is proud to contribute for the advancement of women’s labour rights. She wants to work on the issue of maternity leaves and benefits for women.