The Women Workers’ Alliance (WWA) was initially established in five districts of Pakistan, including the federal and provincial capitals, in 2017. Over time, its reach expanded to 14 districts by 2021. The primary objective of the WWA was to empower women workers by amplifying their voices and facilitating advocacy and negotiations for their collective demands with various stakeholders, including employers, policy-makers, and legislators. It is worth noting that the WWA has not only expanded its reach but has also transformed into an all-women worker’s union in Punjab and Balochistan.

To ensure inclusion in the women workers’ alliance, specific criteria was developed, which included the following:

  1. Has taken initiatives for women’s rights
  2. Must be a worker/employed in one of the three employment sectors (Government, Private-Services, Industry)
  3. Can spare time for the advocacy initiatives
  4. Is willing to take part in meetings and events
  5. Have no political affiliation or is an office-bearer of any political party

If you are fulfilling the above criteria, please fill up the WWA Profile Form