Razia Begum is a member of WWA Mirpurkhas since February 2021 and a member of National Steering Committee. She is a teacher in a government high school in Mirpurkhas and a self-motivated social worker. She took responsibilities to financially support her family, very early on in life after the death of her parents. While working she used to feel unsafe and always looked for support from other women, which is one of the reasons why she opted to join WWA. WWA enabled her to pursue her goal of making the workplaces safe for women by working with other working women on the issue of sexual harassment, separate washrooms for women and daycare for the children of working mothers. She with the help of other alliance members got a separate feeding room/daycare allocated at the Government High School Hudson Campus Mirpur Khas. She is currently working with District Education Officer to implement the same in all government schools in her district.