Uzma Zahid is a lady health worker in a private hospital in Haripur for almost 12 years. She joined WWA in 2020 and assisted in identifying various issues of women workers in hospitals and factories by surveying and interviewing them. She had recently lost her job during COVID onslaught and realized that the problems of women who work to earn a living and are the primary financial support for their families are multifold in the case of loss of job. She wanted to improve the work conditions for hospital and factory workers as she was observing them closely in her locality. Uzma with the help of other alliance members worked with a biscuit factory’s management to provide women with separate washrooms, separate kitchen as the existing one was too small to cater to all workers, and resolved the issues related to their salaries. Apart from advocating for women’s labour rights, she also helped a driver who was fired from his job after having a disability during an accident and provided him a wheelchair through his employer. She says that the issue of non-provision of separate washrooms, restrictions on washroom breaks, and transport facilities for women are the main problems of women in factories that need to be resolved to improve the workplace environment for women workers.